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LUX MED is one of the largest private medical corporations in Poland, offering medical care thanks to an excellent team of specialists, a highly qualified support staff and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

LUX MED was established in 1992. Since that time it has evolved from a single medical unit in Warsaw, to a nationwide network of clinics. The network comprises medical clinics in the largest Polish cities and over 150 of affiliated private medical companies throughout Poland.
LUX MED is an advanced diagnostic center that possesses specialized equipment for use in various diagnostic methods such as magnetic resonance, CAT scan, digital ultrasound, non-invasive cardiovascular system examination, mammography and both standard and digital radiology. LUX MED also has its own laboratory that performs a wide range of tests and analysis.

More than 1,000 doctors representing the entire spectrum of medical specialties take care of our Patients in LUX MED clinics. Most of our doctors have completed additional specializations, and more than 100 are professors or Ph.D. LUX MED's Scientific Council, comprised of several leading experts in Polish medicine, plays a special role. It reviews all medical activities at LUX MED clinics and introduces uniform standards for procedures and management of patient treatment.
LUX MED specializes in medical services for corporate clients. It provides tailored solutions by offering comprehensive medical care for employees covered by health insurance packages and occupational health screening programs. Over 700 companies and over 200,000 individual patients are using LUX MED services throughout Poland.

Its perpetual effort to maintain the highest standards of medical services and adaptability to patients expectations has earned LUX MED the esteem and respect of its patients and business partners

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